Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Surely woman orgasm Way

At the time of sex, of course, both parties want to get satisfaction with orgasm and try to satisfy their partners. But most confused man thing or what method should be used so that her partner could reach orgasm satisfaction? Since there is often the woman is difficult to achieve this level.
Perhaps the following can be implemented in your sexual life to achieve orgasm:
A. As the penetration of Mr. PMr. penetration. P does not always determine the satisfaction and not necessarily to stimulate women to achieve an orgasm. Most men think with the way Mr. encountered. P with a straight motion is an ideal way, but there are other effective ways that women are more stimulated, ie the phrase. When Mr. P in Miss penetrate V, gerakanlah hips rotate. In this way, women will achieve an orgasm just because Mr. P to stimulate precisely the G-spot.
Second Pace and rhythm of sexIf you think women are accustomed to the pace and rhythm of touch mate, you're mistaken. A good way to make a woman passionate sex is to start slowly. Well, see disinal that foreplay is important for sex activities. It was found, as the man touches and caresses her partner can vary in speed, but not in terms of rhythm. When the time comes for Mr P penetration, women prefer speed to reach orgasm.
Third Clitoral stimulationMaybe some of you already know that the man with a woman's clitoris can mensytimulasi they reach orgasm. Because according to the survey, by the stimulation of the clitoris during sex, 95 percent of women can achieve orgasm.
Now the problem is not a small man who are still confused as to stimulate her clitoris. Everything you need to know, a lady Miss liquid. V is not too much would feel very uncomfortable if their clitoris is stimulated. So you should not do clitoral stimulation right on target. Take in the area first women make more excited that Miss liquid production. V is enough, then you can her clitoral stimulation.
4th KissA man must pasangnnya hot passionate kisses before and give sex during implementation. In the opinion of the author of ejaculation by command, said Lester Lloyd, "if done right, a kiss can make a woman orgasm."
So if you do foreplay, couples casual, no need to rush to kiss.
5th Using EmotionsMen can get orgasms in almost any situation, in contrast to women. It is important that people are their partners sit down and feel happy, because women reach an emotional need as well as a sense of trust in their partner an orgasm.
Hey, the man, not the women. Only as objects that satisfy the desire for sex You have to pay attention to their feelings as well as the key to a woman reaches climax Sexual satisfaction is through feelings.