Monday, October 1, 2012

Foreplay is IMPORTANT!

If you want your sex activity for the better, do not underestimate foreplay. Variasikanlah your foreplay by touching, kissing, hugging or even fantasize. A sex expert from the Indian University, USA, Debby Herbe Nick, PhD, MPH advised to spend more time foreplay. Because then get a lot of variety Sexual stimulation and arousal were increased.
Reporting from twodaymag, Dr. Nick explained Herbe, women will have a lot of space in the Miss V at the time of her body pulled from the muscle because of its sensory stimuli.
Surely it will make your lovemaking more fun because it creates more space in the Miss V activities and the sex was so not boring or monotonous.
Foreplay is not only beneficial for women is that the help Miss V produce natural lubrication, so the woman is not in pain, increases sexual arousal and of course sex is much more fun. There are also benefits for men foreplay. There may be some people feel with the work in the office or other problems in their lives that make it difficult to reach his oragsme stressed. This prelude is good and right, can help you to reach a man an erection.
Not only do the foreplay and the intimacy you and your partner, the relationship has become warmer add. Create a relaxed atmosphere that can stimulate sexual desire, you make yourself and your partner feel safe and comfortable when they want sex.
The mind is not calm and chaotic, you would not focus on the sexual activity. If you can not focus, sexual activity does not taste great and fun. So make up your mind and pair quiet, comfortable with this prelude to sex.
Dr. Herbe Nick added: "foreplay can really build an emotional connection between partners and can add a sense of excitement before sex."
A desire for sex fun and more fun? Do not underestimate foreplay. Do it before sex with him.