Wednesday, October 31, 2012

5 Reasons to Marry

Many couples marry afraid. They may be afraid because they are not completely familiar with their partner, or they are afraid to make a commitment. You must know that the marriage game.

Not just two people together, but the two families. Married couples must be willing to accept the problems that were alive in their homes. Everything will be more complicated than ever. The problem arises not only from the relationship between man and woman, but also from financial, family from both sides, even from the children (if they have). Not to mention, the problem most feared divorce of married couples. In fact, not all relationships end up with such a tragic way.

There also are many couples who are happily married they setekah. They feel their lives completely. And here are married 5 reasons why you should:

A. You have someone to share your life story
Of building a house for a family, sharing great responsibility, but also through wonderful moments together.

Second You can have sex any time
It's just you and him. And you are both free to do anything in bed.

Third They have more money
Yes, of course that is the case when you and your partner both have good jobs, and you can manage both your finances well, too.

4th They have someone to help you
First, you have to do it all alone, and things that do not really wear your obligation alone, without help. Well, the people you love the most come and put out his hand to you.

5th You have a seed bank at home
You are not just lucky to have a father for her child, but your partner will also help you lift them! Not all couples are happy, as you and your partner, so thank!