Monday, September 10, 2012

As it is, the Erectile he can not?

When you know the erection he can not know what comes to mind? Sure you can fix it immediately. Do not show panic or ask her face to calm down.
Here are some ways to overcome them, as quoted by soFeminine:
Nipple stimulationNot only woman awakened when be encouraged in this area. Men also get aroused nipples when touched or inhaled the sensual and erotic. Continue in this manner until they really erection. Be patient, do not rush, even if you like the look, he is passionate. When Mr. P was up really, penetration can be done.
Do the TaoMaybe some of you have not yet familiar to hear Tao art of sex. Art sex teaches man also known as erectile Mr. penetrate P they are weak and how a longer erection.
How, when you and your partner start sex (here state Mr. P can not built) with artificial lubrication Mr. Miss P to help penetrate. V. Do not press Mr. P during penetration, but also help with your fingers. Mr P will wake V. Of course, when she was in the Miss
The problem is not necessarily because youIf man is not to build, not a few women who "is there something wrong with me" thinking. Because it makes women feel unwelcome, so they had to blame.
Stop thinking that because you are not necessarily the cause. Is he still trying to do to keep sex with you? If so, then it is only you who he wants. Views and his company, he would try to satisfy you. However, because there are other things in mind, the mind and body are not merged into sex.
Invite your friends to see a doctorWell, if the problem can not continue to build and every effort was made to check for the problem to a professional. Invite your family doctor to check into it gently, taking care not to offend him. Because the problem is pride. Pasa tell your partner, consult a doctor is the best way. Because there are some things that led to Mr. P does not get an erection, it could be disebabka by the effects of drugs or health.
Create trustIf a man can not give satisfaction to her partner, it will feel like a loser and disappointed with himself. As a good partner, it is your job to rebuild trust and motivates him too well. He occasionally praise and give instructions during foreplay. Bantu He understood that the penetration is not the end of everything.The key is to keep trying, right?