Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Surely woman orgasm Way

At the time of sex, of course, both parties want to get satisfaction with orgasm and try to satisfy their partners. But most confused man thing or what method should be used so that her partner could reach orgasm satisfaction? Since there is often the woman is difficult to achieve this level.
Perhaps the following can be implemented in your sexual life to achieve orgasm:
A. As the penetration of Mr. PMr. penetration. P does not always determine the satisfaction and not necessarily to stimulate women to achieve an orgasm. Most men think with the way Mr. encountered. P with a straight motion is an ideal way, but there are other effective ways that women are more stimulated, ie the phrase. When Mr. P in Miss penetrate V, gerakanlah hips rotate. In this way, women will achieve an orgasm just because Mr. P to stimulate precisely the G-spot.
Second Pace and rhythm of sexIf you think women are accustomed to the pace and rhythm of touch mate, you're mistaken. A good way to make a woman passionate sex is to start slowly. Well, see disinal that foreplay is important for sex activities. It was found, as the man touches and caresses her partner can vary in speed, but not in terms of rhythm. When the time comes for Mr P penetration, women prefer speed to reach orgasm.
Third Clitoral stimulationMaybe some of you already know that the man with a woman's clitoris can mensytimulasi they reach orgasm. Because according to the survey, by the stimulation of the clitoris during sex, 95 percent of women can achieve orgasm.
Now the problem is not a small man who are still confused as to stimulate her clitoris. Everything you need to know, a lady Miss liquid. V is not too much would feel very uncomfortable if their clitoris is stimulated. So you should not do clitoral stimulation right on target. Take in the area first women make more excited that Miss liquid production. V is enough, then you can her clitoral stimulation.
4th KissA man must pasangnnya hot passionate kisses before and give sex during implementation. In the opinion of the author of ejaculation by command, said Lester Lloyd, "if done right, a kiss can make a woman orgasm."
So if you do foreplay, couples casual, no need to rush to kiss.
5th Using EmotionsMen can get orgasms in almost any situation, in contrast to women. It is important that people are their partners sit down and feel happy, because women reach an emotional need as well as a sense of trust in their partner an orgasm.
Hey, the man, not the women. Only as objects that satisfy the desire for sex You have to pay attention to their feelings as well as the key to a woman reaches climax Sexual satisfaction is through feelings.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

5 Reasons to Marry

Many couples marry afraid. They may be afraid because they are not completely familiar with their partner, or they are afraid to make a commitment. You must know that the marriage game.

Not just two people together, but the two families. Married couples must be willing to accept the problems that were alive in their homes. Everything will be more complicated than ever. The problem arises not only from the relationship between man and woman, but also from financial, family from both sides, even from the children (if they have). Not to mention, the problem most feared divorce of married couples. In fact, not all relationships end up with such a tragic way.

There also are many couples who are happily married they setekah. They feel their lives completely. And here are married 5 reasons why you should:

A. You have someone to share your life story
Of building a house for a family, sharing great responsibility, but also through wonderful moments together.

Second You can have sex any time
It's just you and him. And you are both free to do anything in bed.

Third They have more money
Yes, of course that is the case when you and your partner both have good jobs, and you can manage both your finances well, too.

4th They have someone to help you
First, you have to do it all alone, and things that do not really wear your obligation alone, without help. Well, the people you love the most come and put out his hand to you.

5th You have a seed bank at home
You are not just lucky to have a father for her child, but your partner will also help you lift them! Not all couples are happy, as you and your partner, so thank!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Only need 1 second victory!

You stupid little straight out of your mouth? Quick to smile before you speak. According to a recent study published in the Journal of Social Psychology Psikolgi, women are more likely to body language (ie a smile) and not as what they hear (the stupid things you say) leave.
Researchers asked a man to make a comment section, and then study the effects of the smile on the woman in various scenarios. The result: Even if the words are not as appealing when she smiles, women are more likely to be friendly to you than if you blink or just grinned at her.
What is this? Research shows at least 60% of women are better able to read body language than men, says Patti Wood, author of First Impressions, Body Language, and charisma. Women rely more on body language than you. Women also prefer to communicate face to face, so that they focus on facial expression, said Wood.
So remember: - "No." The next time you make a mistake gossip about your boss in front of his Executive Assistant, or say anything other than the word If your girlfriend asks if she looks fat - you better keep your mouth and show your teeth. "Smiling is the most important body language to show friendliness and safety," said Wood.
In fact, if you see a genuine smile - is that if you raise your face, and wrinkles around the eyes - you can automatically see it in a positive light. This is the way your brain is connected.
And while there is no guarantee that frown upside down to solve all your problems, you can measure their own success. Look for the "window open body" to see if he is relaxed, said Wood. Eye contact, open arms, and his heart, hip, knee or foot to you is all the signs that he is open to what you are saying.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Foreplay is IMPORTANT!

If you want your sex activity for the better, do not underestimate foreplay. Variasikanlah your foreplay by touching, kissing, hugging or even fantasize. A sex expert from the Indian University, USA, Debby Herbe Nick, PhD, MPH advised to spend more time foreplay. Because then get a lot of variety Sexual stimulation and arousal were increased.
Reporting from twodaymag, Dr. Nick explained Herbe, women will have a lot of space in the Miss V at the time of her body pulled from the muscle because of its sensory stimuli.
Surely it will make your lovemaking more fun because it creates more space in the Miss V activities and the sex was so not boring or monotonous.
Foreplay is not only beneficial for women is that the help Miss V produce natural lubrication, so the woman is not in pain, increases sexual arousal and of course sex is much more fun. There are also benefits for men foreplay. There may be some people feel with the work in the office or other problems in their lives that make it difficult to reach his oragsme stressed. This prelude is good and right, can help you to reach a man an erection.
Not only do the foreplay and the intimacy you and your partner, the relationship has become warmer add. Create a relaxed atmosphere that can stimulate sexual desire, you make yourself and your partner feel safe and comfortable when they want sex.
The mind is not calm and chaotic, you would not focus on the sexual activity. If you can not focus, sexual activity does not taste great and fun. So make up your mind and pair quiet, comfortable with this prelude to sex.
Dr. Herbe Nick added: "foreplay can really build an emotional connection between partners and can add a sense of excitement before sex."
A desire for sex fun and more fun? Do not underestimate foreplay. Do it before sex with him.

Monday, September 10, 2012

As it is, the Erectile he can not?

When you know the erection he can not know what comes to mind? Sure you can fix it immediately. Do not show panic or ask her face to calm down.
Here are some ways to overcome them, as quoted by soFeminine:
Nipple stimulationNot only woman awakened when be encouraged in this area. Men also get aroused nipples when touched or inhaled the sensual and erotic. Continue in this manner until they really erection. Be patient, do not rush, even if you like the look, he is passionate. When Mr. P was up really, penetration can be done.
Do the TaoMaybe some of you have not yet familiar to hear Tao art of sex. Art sex teaches man also known as erectile Mr. penetrate P they are weak and how a longer erection.
How, when you and your partner start sex (here state Mr. P can not built) with artificial lubrication Mr. Miss P to help penetrate. V. Do not press Mr. P during penetration, but also help with your fingers. Mr P will wake V. Of course, when she was in the Miss
The problem is not necessarily because youIf man is not to build, not a few women who "is there something wrong with me" thinking. Because it makes women feel unwelcome, so they had to blame.
Stop thinking that because you are not necessarily the cause. Is he still trying to do to keep sex with you? If so, then it is only you who he wants. Views and his company, he would try to satisfy you. However, because there are other things in mind, the mind and body are not merged into sex.
Invite your friends to see a doctorWell, if the problem can not continue to build and every effort was made to check for the problem to a professional. Invite your family doctor to check into it gently, taking care not to offend him. Because the problem is pride. Pasa tell your partner, consult a doctor is the best way. Because there are some things that led to Mr. P does not get an erection, it could be disebabka by the effects of drugs or health.
Create trustIf a man can not give satisfaction to her partner, it will feel like a loser and disappointed with himself. As a good partner, it is your job to rebuild trust and motivates him too well. He occasionally praise and give instructions during foreplay. Bantu He understood that the penetration is not the end of everything.The key is to keep trying, right?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

After Disconnect, and then reconnect Want More?

When fights occur, sometimes emotionally overwhelming sense of control. You can make a decision without thinking, because the anger is not unbearable. It's sad, separation, especially if the break when feeling emotional stress make you regret the decision.
You still love him, but do not know how to order it re-knit relationships. We recommend that you follow these steps in order to run properly for their love, without having to follow the education of the same problem:
A. Take time for eachMaybe, and he had gone through a great struggle, overflowed upset and anger and climax. After the break, you should not directly touch for some time. Give yourself time to get to the events that are passed, have reflect good or bad. Use. This time to think about a peaceful heart and a clear mind, if you really want to improve the relationship of love with him or not
Second Check the questionsAsk yourself what is the real reason for the failure of love? Think back to the past to find what caused the problem. After I figure out an answer for them, to do what you. Both love relationship for the better
Third Solve the causesOkay, you've taken the time to think and reflect, then you have also the problem and how to fix it out. It's time you met with him to discuss and offer solutions that will help to solve the problem between you two can. Some changes may be necessary to support a bak again, and everyone needs to be prepared.
4th Get back her heartAfter a discussion on good terms with him, it's time for you to try to win back her heart. Maybe after the tragedy "broke he became disillusioned and less sympathy for you. ... Quiet, it takes up only one process. Be Smart to win her heart by trying to understand his feelings, and think because not rehash back problems in the past.
5th ProveShe had already begun to talk back to him. As much as possible try to avoid conflict, not to get involved with the debate because of other problems for a while because you are greeting reconciliation process. Prove to her that you are really trying to be a better partner for him and for the purpose of harmonious relationships.
6th You do not continue to blameIf you were above the levels, you would seriously want to get back. In a relationship of love with him So, try to listen to his words. That is, not to continue it for something that is not to blame for you. Affair brings together two people who may have a different character. Therefore try to better understand what he wants.
7th Escape the PastTo suspend the period of the past, make it a lesson that you can be a better person for yourself and others. Get to know him more, to make friends. Salinglah relearn the advantages and disadvantages, each of which may be unknown. If you are both more familiar and know what anyone could want in a relationship, the love affair is doing would be more convenient because you and he can work together.
What is your decision whether you reconcile with him?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Healthy love relationships like this

Experience dissent argument that led to a fight, does not mean that your relationship is not healthy to live with it. It happens naturally Dala a relationship.
But of course every couple wants to have a healthy relationship. How can you know? Reporting from SheKnows, here are three things that give a healthy relationship and work well:
A. Mutual trust
Trust is the most important thing is to support on harmonious relationships. If the relationship before you make a bad relationship, the traumas of course difficult to trust the couple have owned. Slowly but surely try to trust encourage you to rest because the past can. Do not confuse your current pair with the former. Want to run a harmonious relationship right? Give him full confidence, because if you can do that, you'll appreciate the couple.
Second Could you
If you yourself to be in a good or bad person before the pair, without pretense, it is a sign of success in a relationship. It can be more confident in presenting your opinion in a case to him and make you look different in their eyes, because it has its own advantages. In this way, it should be no misunderstanding in your relationship and your partner.
Third Not always rely on them
Sometimes the woman is always dependent on his partner, but it turned out not to be very popular man. If you are able to enjoy life without the presence of it, then your life is balanced. You know, if you prefer men who enjoy their own social life, and the life, and not always rely on them when looking for fun.
Do you live in a healthy relationship with him?